Are there any Mustahabaat (recommended acts) to perform before the Hajj pilgrimage?


Sheikh, in order for us to prepare before we arrive in Medina, can you spare a few moments of your time to suggest any Mustahabaat (recommended acts) that we should be considering for any part of the journey in order that we return back to our homes with a proper awakening. The biggest fear is that we come back from this spiritual journey as the same person without the “yaqdha” (awakening) that is emphasised so much upon in Islamic spirituality.


I felt so embarrassed by your question. How can someone who is yet to wake up awaken others? I really mean it. This is a life struggle that we all go through.

In regards to preparation for Hajj; the best instruction is to follow what our Ma’soomin (divinely protected leaders) have suggested:

1) purification of intention,
2) purification of our wealth – by paying all due Khoms, outstanding debts, etc.
3) writing the Will
4) learning at least the basics of Hajj rituals
5) and above all, doing all of the above with the intention that ‘this is a one way trip, and I am going not to come back’.

Answered by: Sheikh Mansour Leghaei